About Me


Hey there, my name is Alex Mikel. I love to tell stories. Having worked with many different mediums, I believe there is a story to be told everywhere and a natural means to tell it. Film, photography, web design, and music have all been fulfilling mediums. The real fun happens when there is the collaboration of the mediums.

I have my roots within audio having played guitar since I was 15. I decided I wanted to be a recording artist. When I am not jamming with other people, I like to record soundtracks for my videos. There is something so very satisfying in every element of creation being my own. That is why I take pride in originality and being unique and I will always put that first.

A little bit of background. In the past I have worked at the Museum of Glass in video production and that's where my love of photography started. I was surrounded by beautiful art made out of glass and other mixed mediums and it motivated me to create art of my own. After moving on from the museum, I became a freelance photographer for a while, photographing numerous events including weddings and various portrait sessions. I enjoyed that being my "full time" job for a while, but soon after, I found employment with The Boeing Company doing video production and webcasting, and it remains my current day job. I love my day job and it leaves me enough time still to pursue my real passions in photography and digital art.

When I am not working my day job, I still take on freelance work with independant clients.

I currently hold a B.A. in Communications from the University of Washington.